April 2022

4/7/2022: Letter from AAFD to CPRIOA:   AAFD Total Quality Franchising Chapter of the Year Award

September 2021

9/10/2021: Letter from Assurant to CPRIOA:   Assurant’s Letter

August 2021

8/25/2021: Letter to Assurant on behalf of the CPRIOA/Legal Representation MMI-CPR & Assurant – Association Representation (AMM) 

July 2021

7/12/2021: CPRIOA Press Release: Total Quality Franchising Award and Nominees Press Release: TQF Awards

March 2021

3/31/21:  CPRIOA Board of Directors Election Results Correspondence  BofD Election Results Letter 3-31-21

3/28/21:  CPRIOA Dallas training was a SUCCESS thanks to YOU! Cell Phone Repair – Training Follow up Letter

March 8 – March 15th:  Notice of Nominations & Elections for CPRIOA Board of DirectorsNotice of Nominations CPRIOA 2021

February 2021

2/26/2021:  CPRIOA is sponsoring a 3-day training event on March 23 – 25th in Dallas, TX.  Click to read the email communication sent out about this event:  CPRIOA Training and Meet Up

2/9/2021:  AAFD sends FDD Disclosure Request letter to Corporate: Request for FDD Disclosure – CPRIOA 2021

July 2020

7/22/2020:  CPR response to ‘Distressed’ royalty caps

7/22/2020:  CPRIOA request for clarification for ‘Distressed’ royalty caps

7/9/2020:  CPRIOA send 2nd Request for FDD Disclosure letter to Corporate:  2nd Request for FDD Disclosure – CPRIOA

7/7/2020:  Read the latest letter to Corporate regarding the Expansion Agreement with Batteries+

June 2020

In October 2019, CPRIOA began discussions with Cell Phone Sandbox to establish a reliable and consistent recycle solution for LCD/OLED screens for our CPRIOA members.   In October, Cell Phone Sandbox began processing LCD/OLED recycling for multiple CPRIOA members under an initial provisional agreement.   Since that time, we have advanced the program, to include a new program exclusive to CPRIOA members, that achieves the highest LCD/OLED recycling monetary returns for our members.   LCD Buyback Pamphlet for IOA MEMBERS

May 21, 2020

CPRIOA’s request for a dialogue to discuss potential impact of proposed Batteries+Bulbs co-branding initiative.  Proposed System Modifications

March 5, 2020

CPRIOA engages Robert L. Purvin, Jr., AAFD’s Chairman & CEO and nationally recognized franchise Attorney, to evaluate CPRIOA’s proposed Territory and Royalty Amendment to CPR Franchise Agreements.  Advice to CPRIOA Members re Proposed Franchise Amendment

January 28, 2020

CPRIOA Formation Press Release

November 2019

Cell Phone Repair announces the formation of their Independent Owners Association (CPRIOA).  Nov 21 2019 – Announcement of formation of CPRIOA

October 2019

CPRIOA hosts device sales training that fundamentally changes the direction of the franchise. CPRIOA Hosts Landmark Device Training

CPRIOA signs deal with Square credit card processing that greatly enhances franchisee visibility and reporting, while dramatically reducing credit care processing fees. CPRIOA Inks Deal with Square